Planning Applications

Planning Applications 2020

Property:  Erection of 4 detached four bedroom dwelling houses, new access and associated development, Land off Mill Road
Date Received: 19/05/2020
Application Number:20/00800/MNR

Property:  Provision of new low-profile conservation roof light to north slope serving new en-suite shower room, opening up of recently discovered blocked up window, Ivy House Farm, Market Street
Date Received: 18/05/2020
Application Number:20/00607/DCH

Property:  Construction of brick infill wall to an existing opening at the front elevation and the installation of a window to existing opening on return elevation, 30 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 30/03/2020
Application Number:20/00649/DCH

Property:  Front Porch to principle elevation and 2 storey rear extension, 1 Castle Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 13/02/2020
Application Number:20/00354/DCH

Property:  Addition of a dormer roof extension with alterations to existing dormer and addition of rooflights, 40 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 06/01/2020
Application Number:20/00009/DCH

Planning Applications 2019

Property:  Single Storey Rear Extension, 31 Queen Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 22/11/2019
Application Number:19/03009/DCH

Property:  Conversion, alteration and extension of 3 outbuildings to create 3 detached 2 storey dwellings, White Lodge, Rhiwbina Hill, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 31/10/2019
Application Number:19/02886/MNR

Property:  Erection of 2 Dwellings, Ancillary Works & Car Parking, Land at Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 11/10/2019
Application Number:19/02597/MNR

Property:  Demolition of existing rear conservatory, porch, side extension and detached garage. Erection of double storey side extension, 1 Pantgwynlais, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 07/10/2019
Application Number:19/02689/DCH

Property:  Revised rear elevation, 8 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 18/09/2019
Application Number:19/02542/DCH

Property:  rear extension, 21 Wellington Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 29/08/2019
Application Number:19/02370/DCH

Property:  Ground Floor side & rear extension, 23 Grants Close, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 15/07/2019
Application Number:19/01990/DCH

Property:  Porch, 20 Castle Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 18/06/2019
Application Number:19/01642/DCH

Property:  Rear Single Storey Extension, 9 Wellington Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 30/05/2019
Application Number:19/01515/DCH

Property:  Construction of single storey side extensions, front porch and detached prayer room, Ainon Baptist church, Market St, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 02/05/2019
Application Number:19/01218/MNR

Property:  Demolition of existing garage and erection of new dwelling, Land at Ironbridge Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 29/01/2019
Application Number:19/00129/MNR

Property:  Small two bedroom house on infill site, Part of land at rear of 37 Queen Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 09/01/2019
Application Number:18/03051/MNR

Planning Applications 2018

Property:  Demolition of existing garage and erection of new dwelling, Land at Ironbridge Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 07/11/2018
Application Number:18/02553/MNR

Property:  Proposed 2 storey side extension, Bwlch Cottage, Rhiwbina Hill, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 19/07/2018
Application Number:18/01534/DCH

Property:  2 storey side extension including conversion of garage, 2 Pwllhelyg, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 02/07/2018
Application Number:18/01085/DCH

Property:  Change of use from retail to rentable tourist self catering accommodation and insertion of new window to rear, 2B Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 15/06/2018
Application Number:18/01332/MNR

Property:  Rear extension & alterations to roof of existing side annex, 3 Greenmeadow Drive, Tongwynlais.
Date Received: 13/06/2018
Application Number:18/01237/DCH

Property:  Enclosure of existing canopy to include new front entrance, Holiday Inn, Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais.
Date Received: 05/06/2018
Application Number:18/00833/MNR

Property:  Single Storey Extension to front and rear of property, 2 storey extension to side and alteration works, 8 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 14/02/2018
Application Number:18/00305/DCH

Planning Applications 2017

Property:  Single Storey Side Garage & Porch, 60 Greenmeadow Drive, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 30/10/2017
Application Number:17/02550/DCH

Property:  Ground and first floor extension, raising main roof ridge, first floor windows to side elevations and creation of additional car parking spaces, 4 Pwllhelyg, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 12/09/2017
Application Number:17/02069/DCH

Property:  Conversion of garage, ground and first floor extension, 10 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 18/08/2017
Application Number:17/01975/DCH

Property:  Proposed Sewerage Treatment Works, Ton Y Bwlch Cottage, Rhiwbina Hill, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 16/08/2017
Application Number:17/01964/DCH

Property:  Extension to dwelling, 4 Wellington Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 25/07/2017
Application Number:17/01729/DCH

Property:  2 storey extension and alteration works, 8 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 19/07/2017
Application Number:17/01725/DCH

Property:  2 storey side extension, 15 Cwm Gwynlais, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 09/05/2017
Application Number:17/00923/DCH

Property:  New Dwelling on Land on Ironbridge Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 30/03/2017
Application Number:17/00620/MNR

Property:  Minor kitchen and bathroom amendments, 8 Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 30/01/2017
Application Number:17/00037/DCH

Property:  Proposed New Dwelling, Land off Mill Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 12/01/2017
Application Number:16/03067/MNR

Planning Applications 2015/16

Property:  7 New parking bays, opposite 45-47 Castle View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 09/12/2016
Application Number:16/02844/MNR

Property:  Ivy House Farm, Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7NT
Date Received: 22/09/2016
Application Number:16/02173/MNR

Property:  26 Mill Road, Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7JP
Date Received: 25/08/2016
Application Number:16/01989/DCH

Property:  20 Grants Close, Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7NG
Date Received: 18/08/2016
Application Number:16/01856/DCH

Property:  Change of use from storage to A1 (Bike Retail Unit).
Date Received: 13/07/2016
Application Number:16/01580/MNR

Property:  Land at Ty Isaf Farm, Castle Road, Tongwynlais, Cardiff. CF15 7JQ
Date Received: 08/07/2016
Application Number:16/01514/MNR

Property: Property: A New Dwelling On Land at Ironbridge Road.
Date Received: 26/05/2016
Application Number: 16/01058/MNR

Property: 37 Queen Street, Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7NL
Date Received: 13/10/2015
Application Number: 15/02445/MNR

Property: 12 Queen Street, Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7NL
Date Received: 04/09/2015
Application Number: 15/02104/DCH

Property: 29 Pantgwynlais, Tongwynlais, Cardiff CF15 7LT
Date Received: 16/03/2015
Application Number: 15/00614/DCH

Property: Garage/Store 51 Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 27/01/2015
Application Number: 15/00189/MNR

Planning Applications 2013/14

Property: Ivy Cottage, 3 Taff Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 04/08/2014
Application Number: 14/01730/DCO

Property: 29 Castell Coch View, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 21/07/2014
Application Number: 14/01586/DCH

Property: 19 Castell Coch View , Tongwynlais
Date Received: 22/05/2014
Application Number: 14/01067/DCO

Property: Gwyndy, 2 Cross Street , Tongwynlais
Date Received: 21/05/2014
Application Number: 14/00698/DCH
Decision: Deposited

Property: 25 Cwm Gwynlais , Tongwynlais
Date Received: 07/05/2014
Application Number: 14/00964/DCH
Decision: Deposited

Property: 43 Cae Lewis , Tongwynlais
Date Received: 15/04/2014
Application Number: 14/00811/DCH
Decision: Deposited

Property: Ivy House Farm, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 10/04/2014
Application Number: 14/00786/DCH
Decision: Pending

Property: 24 Grant’s Close, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 10/04/2014
Application Number: 14/00752/DCH
Decision:  Permission granted.

Property: Holiday Inn, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 10/04/2014
Application Number: 14/00035/DCO
Decision: Deposited

Property: Land at Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 02/04/2014
Application Number: 14/00722/DCO
Decision: Deposited

Property: 3 Taff Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 06/03/2014
Application Number: 14/00239
Decision: Withdrawn

Property: 3 Pwllhelyg, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 23/01/2014
Application Number: 14/00062/DCH
Decision: Withdrawn

Planning Applications 2012/13

Property: 13 Castle Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 10/10/2012
Application Number: 12/01402/DCO
Decision: Withdrawn

Property: 22 Iron Bridge Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 13/09/2012
Application Number: 12/01522/DCH
Decision: Granted

Property: 34 Castle Road, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 10/07/2012
Application Number: 12/01119/DCH
Decision: Granted

Property: 28 Queen Street, Tongwynlais
Date Received: 16/04/2012
Application Number: 12/00439/DCH
Decision: Granted